June 28, 2006

Paging Nurse Lola

When it comes to people, Lola can be aloof and also terribly sweet. When I first got her, she was being all aloof & cool. I knew in my brain that she didn't know me & I knew it would take time for her to think I'm okay people, but a little part of me worried that she'd never warm up to me. (It can happen.) Now I know that she's just super-aloof; she doesn't demand attention, at least not like most dogs. Now I know that her aloof exterior hides a really, really sweet doggie...she just needed to learn how to show it. About two weeks after I got her, I came down with the flu - I rarely get a cold or the flu, but this mutant uber-virus got me good & wiped me out. The first time I had a flu-induced cough, Lola came over to me, her face the picture of worry. It was such a sincere look that I could not doubt that she cared. She understood that I couldn't walk her too fast or for too long. And every time I had a hacking cough fit, she came over to see if I was okay. She'd come up close & study my face (maybe checking if I was still breathing?) until I told her I was okay.

The other night I lay on the couch watching a movie & Lola was in Her Bed. I got the hiccups and Lola came over to me, looking very concerned. Her brow was furrowed, worried that something might be very wrong with me. Another hiccup and she jumped up on the couch (which she never does unless I tell her to - I didn't "train her"; she's just polite). Another hiccup & her face was right up to mine. Perhaps she was ready to give me mouth-to-mouth if necessary. :) I reassured her that I was okay & she lay down next to me for a while - I guess until she had assured herself that I was reallyokay.

Now I guess I should teach Nurse Lola how to dial 911.

June 21, 2006

Hot in the City

It's been pretty hot in Pasadena over the last week...so hot that apparently Lola's butt was hot:

Notice how she turned away from the camera; she was not ashamed of her hot butt - she saw the camera & was avoiding the flash. She's very media savvy.

June 18, 2006

Desert Dog - Joshua Tree 2006

Lola and I were invited to go Stargazing over Memorial Day weekend by some very nice folks, Paul & Mary. Paul & Mary have a house in Joshua Tree which is both perfect for stargazing and for chasing desert critters. Lola ran around chasing quail & other birds, flies, chipmunks, bunnies and God knows what else.

Here's Lola...



... and digging...

At one point, I watched Lola swallow something...whole. I'm not sure what it was - a bird or maybe a chipmunk? Yes, Lola is a mighty hunter. She was pretty pleased with herself. Since we've been back, she's been more excited about "hunting" things (like squirrels & flies). I think she's trying to hunt her breakfast every morning now. Silly pup.

Here, she's longing for the one that got away:

Thank you, Paul & Mary, for the stars & the hunting and thank you, D & Wes, for the good company. We both had a very good time.