November 22, 2009

Queen of All She Surveys

When I first got Lola, I lived near CalTech and we often walked those grounds. I took advantage of a large climbable sculpture and various ledges to teach Lola "up" and "off". She liked being high up, where she could survey all the land.

After we moved to the house, I began taking Lola to a local park (only a few blocks away). In the spirit of reinforcing her "up" and "off" training, I often took her to this ledge (which I think little kids are supposed to jump off of) and late one evening it occurred to me that she might like to go up on one of the jungle gyms. I thought she'd be a little hesitant, but she followed me right up like a trooper. She really likes being high up, where she can scan the whole park:


Her view (click on picture to see notes):


October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Inspired by Merlin, Lola wanted to be a dragon this year. (I wanted her to be a Cheerio, but she vetoed that.)

Happy Halloween!

November 17, 2008

Nothing Much Changes

This was Lola in the yard about a year & half ago:


This is her more recently as she now likes to spend her evenings in the yard:

2008-09 - Lola_001

She loves the yard...perhaps more than looking out the window from my bed. She'll spend the whole night out there if I let her. She'll run around the yard for a bit, then sit, then sniff around the edge of the house or the fence, then lie on the back porch, then run around some more, then...well, you get the idea. :)

Note: The orange tree is a little bigger & you can see the new composite fence.

October 31, 2008

Have a Wicked Halloween!

...says Elphaba (I mean, Lola.)

Lola as Elphaba

Unfortunately, I left her flying monkey at the office.
(You can see the full outfit here: wormieness photostream)