October 30, 2005

October 26, 2005

Too Much Puppy Love

[sorry for the lack of posts - been really busy] Because of my work schedule, Lola goes to Doggy Time daycare 1-3 times a week. She hangs out with other doggies and plays a bit and it's good for her. :) I did not witness this Tale about Lola with the two black lab puppies (they are Doggytime regulars with Lola), but it was told to me by Doggytime owner, Tara. Also note: these puppies are just about Lola's size.

Lola likes her personal space. She does NOT like dogs to be in her face (at least, not without her permission), nor does she allow other dogs to take a long time sniffing her butt. She will give these 'rude' dogs a warning growl: "Yo, step back." If they persist, she will not hesitate to let them know they are not cool by barking/snapping at them: "YO! I said, step BACK, bro."

One day, the two black lab puppies flanked Lola on either side, cutting off any means of retreat, and proceeded to lick either side of her face. Lola was frozen in place with a look (according to Tara) like that of a deer in headlights. Tara, ready to step in if they bothered Lola, waited for Lola's warning growl/bark. But it never came, much to Tara's (and my) surprise. Getting no reaction from Lola, the puppies moved on to another victim. As soon as they left, Lola's relief was evident in her doggy sigh, as if she had just endured some great test of faith.

And now I have to wonder - did she not snap at them because she was outgunned or because they are puppies? If the latter, is it a female instinct for the young or did she have puppies of her own some time in the past (which gave her some infinite patience with the puppies)?

...sigh...there's so much I'll never know about my Lola...