March 26, 2006

Green Badge of Courage (or, Imaging Round Two)

Last Tuesday, Lola went back to the specialist for more fancy imaging. Radioactive dye was used to map her kidneys, ureters & bladder. (She has no super powers as a result. For now.) A urinary catheter was also inserted; this required putting her under anesthesia. The anesthesia part made me a little nervous (as anesthesia should), but she's fine. The tests showed that her ureters were a little far apart than what would be considered normal, but they appeared to connect to her bladder properly. The vet is consulting with a radiologist to determine if they were a "little far apart, but still normal" or a "little too far apart to be normal".

Her right foreleg was shaved when they put the IV in and later wrapped in that fantastic fluorescent lime green bandage. :) Lola spent almost 12 hours there and endured it all well. She was a little cranky when I picked her up, but I would be too if I hadn't eaten in almost 24 hours.

March 18, 2006

Razor Burn (or, Imaging Round One)

[Life is busy. Sorry for the lack of posts. I promise to do better.]

I just wrote this detailed post about Lola's mild incontinence problem and it evaporated into the ether. Grrr. I guess you will have to wait for another post detailing Lola's diagnosis and prognosis about her incontinence b/c I'm not gonna re-type all that now. Borrowing a bit from Stephen Colbert, I will say...

What you need to know:
Lola had her belly shaved for her uber-ultrasound. Here's Lola's belly before the ultrasound...

and after...

(if you look carefully, you can see her sexy spaying scar). [Note: the areas on her skin that look dirty are not - her skin in those areas is a different shade. Go figure.]

And yes, her belly was all prickly, but I rubbed it anyway. :)