July 16, 2007

I love...

...coming home to this face:


I could have a good day or bad day, but it doesn't matter - Lola just makes me smile.

July 09, 2007

Jindo in the Yard

Lola & I spent Sunday morning in the yard - she played with the dirty, disgusting ball as well as her KONG squeaker ball and chased flies & bugs. She had a grand time.


July 08, 2007

Cat on a hot tin roof...

well, not exactly.

I was in the office typing away at the computer when I asked Lola to join me. She jumped up onto the Ottoman (where she usually takes a nap while I type away). And she just sat there. Looking out the window. She has seen squirrels and birds out the window, but never this:


She started barking like crazy ["Mom! OMG! A kitty! Right there!"] & I calmed her down. She stayed there, entranced, hoping against hope that somehow the kitty would be magically transported into the office (or she to the roof):