April 28, 2006

Feral Parrots are a Lola Favorite

Walking around the neighborhood, Lola stopped to watch a tree. I soon made out a parrot in said tree and thought, 'Wow. A parrot. Probably, an escapee.' Then I saw another one. And another one. And another one.... It was a whole flock of parrots. Lola thought they were fabulous. Two days later on the Colbert Report, Colbert profiled a Congressman from Pasadena (part of a continuing series) and in his blurb about the district, he noted that Pasadena was famous for its feral parrots. Feral parrots! It's true! They're even mentioned on the city's website.

Since then, we've seen them quite a bit (especially early in the morning when they are rather vocal). Lola seems to like them a lot. I daresay, she's infatuated with them. When they are nearby, she doesn't just stare at the tree (as she usually does). She starts sniffing at the overhanging branches. She barks at them. And when the fly away, she runs and leaps after them.

I think she wishes she could fly. :)

April 17, 2006

Lola visits the Dog Park

at the Dog Park

(click picture to view a larger version)

That's Lola at the Dog Park. She's just sitting there, patiently waiting for the chipmunks and birds to come to her (or perhaps trying to figure out how to go to them). We tried to play with her. Other dogs tried to get her attention. We could distract her for about five seconds with a tossed ball, then she'd go back to that corner. ["Mom! There were chipmunks there!"]

Silly pup. :)

Napping with the Grandfolks

My parents were here for about a week visiting Lola. By day six, they were all pooped:


April 04, 2006

Quick Update: Word from the Radiologist

The word is Lola's plumbing is okay. Yay! Her (mild) incontinence is now more and more likely to be the result of her spaying. They are not sure why this happens (though it is relatively common), but they believe it's related to hormonal changes which trigger loss of bladder sphincter muscle control. The vet said we had the choice of the next step: (1) put a scope up her girly parts to make sure her girly parts (and associated hormone stuff) is okay or (2) try the Proin again, but this time it will be supplemented with estrogen. We opted for #2. Once she starts on the pills, it will take 4-6 weeks to see if they are effective.

Lola & I would like to thank you all for your concern & good wishes.