November 17, 2008

Nothing Much Changes

This was Lola in the yard about a year & half ago:


This is her more recently as she now likes to spend her evenings in the yard:

2008-09 - Lola_001

She loves the yard...perhaps more than looking out the window from my bed. She'll spend the whole night out there if I let her. She'll run around the yard for a bit, then sit, then sniff around the edge of the house or the fence, then lie on the back porch, then run around some more, then...well, you get the idea. :)

Note: The orange tree is a little bigger & you can see the new composite fence.

October 31, 2008

Have a Wicked Halloween!

...says Elphaba (I mean, Lola.)

Lola as Elphaba

Unfortunately, I left her flying monkey at the office.
(You can see the full outfit here: wormieness photostream)

April 18, 2008

Corporal Cuddling

Lola is funny. Sometimes, when I pet her or cuddle up to her, she will first enjoy all the skritching (I am her personal back & butt scratcher) and then quite suddenly, as if she just had endured a terrible punishment, she'll be all "Mom! Stop touching me! It's embarrassing!" and then scamper off. Lately, though, she has been quite content to go to bed with me at bedtime. I rub her tummy till I fall asleep; if she's wired, she'll stick her face right in front of mine, ostensibly either making sure I'm asleep or not dead (not sure which) and then leave to her own bed. Sometimes she sticks around, trying to to stick her head under the temporary window blind and see whatever is OUTSIDE (yes, it's annoying & wakes me up). If she's not wired, sometimes she falls asleep too. (A year ago, she would NEVER stay on the bed with me, much less sleep on it. I guess she getting used to me. Or the bed. Probably the bed. :) ) Sometimes, she realizes she's drifting off & startles herself awake, as if saying, "OMG! I almost fell asleep on mom's bed. Eww."

She's currently hunting flies in the bedroom.

For more on Corporal Cuddling (or the aspect ratios of Kitties), watch this video.

Happy weekend!

March 23, 2008

Lola sez...

Hoppy Bunny Day!

January 30, 2008

New Daycare

Lola's long time daycare has closed for good and I'm quite sad. Lola had been going there for almost two years - she had a few doggie pals who understood her and the staff was always great with her. I was always comfortable leaving her there for cage-free boarding. The good news is that one of their employees also does dog-sitting & walking on the side and I feel very comfortable hiring her to doggy-sit Lola so that she can stay at home if I need to go out of town and walk her on the days when I have to work till 7pm (all the doggy daycares around here close at 7pm).

As for daycare, my schedule at work is improving & by next fall I may not even "need" daycare. (Lola has a lot more fun staying at home in the house than she ever did in the apartment and while Lola is not particularly doggy anti-social, she really does prefer the company of people over other dogs.) For the spring, though, I may have to find something. I've seen Hounds Lounge and Planet Doggy, and I hope to go see Wagville later this week (Wagville is a little out of my way, but I thought I'd check it out anyway). I'm also going to look around to see if there is a place near work.

I suppose the good thing is that this happened during winter break. :/