February 23, 2007

Must Sleep... & random updates

Sleepy Girl

Lola has been dreaming a lot lately. I'm not sure why - maybe she is dreaming of catching the squirrels she keeps watching from the window? :)

Have I told you how ecstatic she gets when the squirrels actually walk on our roof? It's so cute to watch her get so excited.

Her allergies had not really bothered her since we moved to the house - she had been just fine with just some Benadryll in the morning. A couple of days ago she started chewing her paws and her mouth was itchy [notice the swollen red area around her mouth], so she's back on Atopica. That stuff is like a magic. I gave her one pill last night and today she's been itch free. Yay!

February 17, 2007

Doggie TV

Lola's newest bed is apparently a queen-sized Serta with a view (yes, squirrels and kitties right outside!).


Mind you, this was a bed that she didn't really like all that much in the apartment. I actually had to bribe her with treats to get her to join me. Now? She will sit there all day long if allowed, just watching the world go by [read squirrels are just outside!] She will even skip breakfast, if it means she gets to stay on the bed. Silly pup.

[sorry about the glare...again. I'm working on it. Also, you can see my temporary curtain/cold weather blocker (made of fleece & bought on super-sale at Jo-Ann fabrics).]

February 16, 2007

Lola didn't used to like to go on the sofa before. At the apartment, I would ask her to come up so I could scratch her, then she'd endure that as long as she could then leave me to return to Bed #1. I could understand that, though; the sofa was a little slippery for her. Here at the house, I temporarily placed Bed #2 on the sofa and Lola luuuves that:


(click on picture for notes)

She's really liking the couch now. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that she can look out the window and watch the squirrels outside. :)