November 27, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving, all!

Turkey & a kitty named Grim - more about Gobble Gobble Day activites later in the week.

November 11, 2005

Butt Tag

Last night, Lola and I had our first full game of what I can only call Butt Tag.

When I got Lola, her rescuer told me that he would play this game with her in which she ran around like a loon. He was never quite sure what was going on, but he was sure that Lola seemed to have a grand ol' time playing it. And while Lola has run around my place like a loon, I had never played this game with her...until last night.

I am also not sure what the exact rules of Butt Tag are, but I can describe the gameplay. First, Lola is in a playful mood, playing with a chewie on of her three lounging areas. I skritched her high on the back of a rear thigh (near the base of her tail - one of her favorite spots), and suddenly, TAG! She was It! Lola ran to the next nearest lounge area, on full (playful) alert and jumping toward any movement. She seemed to be waiting for me to do something, so I "tagged" her again and she ran to her bed. TAG! Back to lounge area one. TAG! She glances at her tail, chases it for a split second, then runs off to the nearest safe haven, lounge area two. Before I can tag her again, she goes to her bed. She quickly runs in a circle at least 10 times, then collapses like a runner at the end of marathon. She's a little out of breath but looking really happy.

If any one knows more about Butt Tag, please let me know.