April 18, 2008

Corporal Cuddling

Lola is funny. Sometimes, when I pet her or cuddle up to her, she will first enjoy all the skritching (I am her personal back & butt scratcher) and then quite suddenly, as if she just had endured a terrible punishment, she'll be all "Mom! Stop touching me! It's embarrassing!" and then scamper off. Lately, though, she has been quite content to go to bed with me at bedtime. I rub her tummy till I fall asleep; if she's wired, she'll stick her face right in front of mine, ostensibly either making sure I'm asleep or not dead (not sure which) and then leave to her own bed. Sometimes she sticks around, trying to to stick her head under the temporary window blind and see whatever is OUTSIDE (yes, it's annoying & wakes me up). If she's not wired, sometimes she falls asleep too. (A year ago, she would NEVER stay on the bed with me, much less sleep on it. I guess she getting used to me. Or the bed. Probably the bed. :) ) Sometimes, she realizes she's drifting off & startles herself awake, as if saying, "OMG! I almost fell asleep on mom's bed. Eww."

She's currently hunting flies in the bedroom.

For more on Corporal Cuddling (or the aspect ratios of Kitties), watch this video.

Happy weekend!