January 21, 2006

One Year Anniversary

One year ago today, I took Lola home for the first time.

One year ago...I'd met Lola a few days before, for only a short while - an hour at most. As I drove to her foster home in Sherman Oaks, I hoped she would remember me (though I doubted it). I hoped she would like her humongous bed and my messy apartment. I hoped she'd like the pretty red collar with the matching leash I'd gotten her - a pretty collar for my pretty girl. I still wasn't sure whether to call her Lola or Luna or if another name would seem more appropriate.

I'm not sure if she remembered me, but she was nice as she always is. She didn't mind me putting on her new collar. She gently ate some sliced turkey and ham from my hand. I found the spot on her back where she likes to be scratched. Her foster family said goodbye to her and I attached a leash to take her out. She was thrilled that I wanted to take her OUT.

I took her for a short, squirrel-filled walk then to my car. Understandably, she didn't want to get inside. Not even for chicken. I debated whether to carry her myself (would she bite me?) or to ask for help from the foster family. They are nice folks, but they are elderly so I went with choice #1. She didn't give me too much hastle, squirming just a little. As I closed the door, she looked a little concerned. I was ripping her away from a man (her rescuer) whom she loved and she didn't understand why. I told her it would be okay. We were going home. After ten minutes, she fell asleep on the backseat.

That night, we had a lazy night at home. I walked her quite a bit - she was so happy when she was OUT, I couldn't help it. She ate the chicken & turkey that was offered but passed on the dog food (unsurprisingly, since I'd been winning her heart with turkey slices throughout the afternoon). Several people stopped to ask my what kind of dog she was and to tell me that she was very cute (even with dirt & grime on her coat) and that kind of attention made her a Lola and not a Luna.

One year later, I know she loves her bed; it's her favorite place to sleep, nap, lounge and get belly rubs from me. I know she likes her collar - the sound of it jingling in the morning means we are going OUT and that's always good. Her fancy leash is on her shelf in the pantry - we only use it for special occasions. We spent a quiet day at home and played a little "Pseudo-fetch" in the apartment. The weather was perfect today, and I took her out a few more times than usual, just cuz. She had chicken with her dinner and now she's lounging in her bed, just waiting for our evening walk, no doubt. Which reminds me - I better go dig up her fancy leash.

Happy anniversary, baby girl.

January 09, 2006

SoCal Lola

Apparently, Lola likes The OC.

She's also been known to watch Teen Titans. :)