September 24, 2005

No Fly Zone

The skies immediately surrounding Lola are restricted airspace. Any mosquito, fly, moth, butterfly, jumping cricket or other small animal that enters Lola's space is summarily engulfed by a quick snap of her jaw. And sometimes she misses, but she will pursue the intruder.

Yeah, Lola is a mighty fly hunter.

Silly pup.

September 14, 2005

The Forest for the Trees

Jindos were bred as hunting dogs, and Lola, being a Jindo, likes to "hunt". During one of our afternoon walks, she picked up A Scent and proceeded to sniff it out. She tracked the scent with focused intensity, sniffing along a row of bushes, not even bothering to give me her patented "exasperated with mom because I move too slow" look. So focused and so intent was she, that she did not see the object of her hunt lounging on the sidewalk about thirty feet in front of us: a black kitty cat. Hee. I had to laugh. Hard.

As for the kitty, he watched us for a bit with that look of disdain unique to kitty cats and then scampered off. Lola never saw him.


September 11, 2005

Lola Meets Her Bed (or Why Lola has a Giant Bed)

[approximately 8 months ago] I brought Lola home for the first time on a Friday afternoon. She was a little apprehensive (understandably so, since she had only met me briefly a few days before and had no idea what was going on), but she was going with the flow - she's a mellow dog and that's what she does.

I led her around my apartment (so that she understood she was allowed everywhere) then to her water bowl (so she would know where it was) and finally to Her Bed. We stopped in front of the bed, and I looked down at her. She looked up at me, then back at the bed, and back to me. Her face lit up with a doggie smile and had an expression like, "Is that my bed?" I nodded to her and before the words "Go on" were uttered from my mouth, she had jumped into Her Bed and made herself comfortable. The apprehension was gone, replaced with...self-possession and, I think, happiness. In that instant, she may not have known what was going on, but she knew she would be okay with me.

On the day I went to get Lola's moving-in supplies, the pet store only had x-small and x-large beds. I opted for x-large(which is more than a little big for her), figuring I'd exchange it for a large or medium in a few days when they restocked. She was so happy when she saw that bed, though, that I couldn't bring myself to exchange it (not even for one just like it except for the size).

I guess I'm just a sentimental fool.

So the Tales Begin

I needed a place to keep my Lola stories (since I cannot rely on my "wetware") and here it is. Although Lola is pretty awesome (at least to me), there may not be a tale to tell everyday. I have had Lola for a while now, so some of these stories happened a while ago - I'll make a note of that.