June 17, 2007

But, mom, this one's *dirty*

The landscapers found a dirty, muddy, disgusting tennis ball buried in the front yard; they thought it was Lola's (it wasn't) and left it on the front porch. When I went to take Lola out for a walk, Lola spotted it & immediately took it into her mouth. She was all, "this is the best ball ever!" I played with her a little, bouncing it & tossing & she dutifully chased it. Then she took it in her mouth, turned around and stood in front of the door until I opened it. She stepped into the house, dropped the ball inside and came back out ready for her walk...all with a very "oh, hey, that ball's neat. I will keep it. Thank you." attitude. When we got back from the walk, she wanted to play with it again. We did. Then she took it to her bed & settled in:



It's not like she doesn't have a half dozen of her own...but apparently she likes the ones that are left abandoned [This is the second one she has picked up & kept. The first was found in an alley near the old apartment.]

Also: I forgot to take the camera on her playdate with Kaylee (which was just as well - when I got home, I discovered that the batteries needed recharging.) The girls had fun - Kaylee ran around and played nice, like the good girl she is. Lola watched the other dogs play. :) It was nice to spend time with D & Wes. Thanks for coming over guys!

June 11, 2007

Mom, I need a 'Paw'dicure...

Lola sometimes sleeps like that - her front legs ramrod straight. That can't be comfortable. I have no idea why/how her hind paws ended up under Red, her bed buddy:

Cold Paws?

I wonder what was going through her head...

"Mom! Don't take a picture! My paws are horrible!"


"What? My paws were cold. I was trying to sleep here, woman, till you came over and woke me."

Tomorrow she's going on a playdate with Kaylee! Yay!