January 30, 2008

New Daycare

Lola's long time daycare has closed for good and I'm quite sad. Lola had been going there for almost two years - she had a few doggie pals who understood her and the staff was always great with her. I was always comfortable leaving her there for cage-free boarding. The good news is that one of their employees also does dog-sitting & walking on the side and I feel very comfortable hiring her to doggy-sit Lola so that she can stay at home if I need to go out of town and walk her on the days when I have to work till 7pm (all the doggy daycares around here close at 7pm).

As for daycare, my schedule at work is improving & by next fall I may not even "need" daycare. (Lola has a lot more fun staying at home in the house than she ever did in the apartment and while Lola is not particularly doggy anti-social, she really does prefer the company of people over other dogs.) For the spring, though, I may have to find something. I've seen Hounds Lounge and Planet Doggy, and I hope to go see Wagville later this week (Wagville is a little out of my way, but I thought I'd check it out anyway). I'm also going to look around to see if there is a place near work.

I suppose the good thing is that this happened during winter break. :/