May 27, 2006

Aside: Save the Ducks!

...clearly they are all that stand between us and the alien invasion. Read the story here.

(What does this have to do with Lola? Well, it's the news story that aired while I was writing the previous post - that counts, right? You can watch the video here. It's the default video right now, but as the days pass, you may have to scroll through the choices.)

May 26, 2006

Dog Park!

Sorry for the lack of posts - all my fault, not Lola's - work was kinda busy.

I took Lola to Pasadena's newest dog park today (sorry, no pictures). Unlike last time, there were no chipmunks or birds to distract her at this park and plenty of nice dogs to play with. The majority of the dogs there played politely and, more importantly, introduced themselves politely. Lola doesn't like dogs to smell her face for very long & most of the doggies at the park sniffed the face briefly then went right to smell the butt. Lola very quickly assimilated.

She stuck close to me for a bit, so we walked around...then tennis balls were thrown & dogs were running and she looked up at me with her big doggie smile. ["Mom, can I go too?"] "Go on," I encouraged, and off she went to run and smell butts, er, I mean, make new friends. She chased tennis balls and did a pretty good job of bringing it back - not right to me, but close enough!

She seemed to be immediately smitten with one of two Bernese mountain dogs that arrived a little after we did. She particularly liked racing with them up and down.

Lola has shown some jealous tendencies when it comes to other dogs coming close to me, but she had no problems with the dog park doggies who came over to say hello to me (or to get skritches).

She did not like the slobbery water bowl, but other than that, I think she had great fun today.

Tomorrow - we return to Joshua Tree (or, as Lola calls it, the place with the bunnies).