October 23, 2006

Another sleeping girl...

Taking your lead, J, here's another sleepy girl


That's Lola with her head under Red. (Have I ever mentioned how Lola saved Red from the evil clutches of the vertical blinds?) She uses Red to shade herself from light and other distractions when she needs a nap. The first time I saw her do that, I was a little afraid she'd smother herself. But she's fine. :)

October 16, 2006

Stalking the Hunter

During our morning walk the other day around the grad apartments across the street from my building, Lola came upon a kitty - a pretty, tiger-stripey kitty. The kitty was pretty unfazed by Lola. Lola could NOT believe the kitty was not running away. Then Lola barked at the kitty. ["Mom! It's a kitty! Look!"] And the kitty Still Did Not Run. I eventually had to drag Lola home. Cuz, you know, Lola gets "focused."

Later that afternoon, we again around the grad apartments across the street. Lola sniffed & sniffed, hot on the trail of Something. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the kitty again. Lola kept sniffing, oblivious to the kitty. We took a few steps and the kitty took a few steps. Lola kept following The Scent. The kitty kept following us. Silly kitty. :)

October 04, 2006


I stood out in the hall, waiting for the elevator, when one of my neighbors came up the steps and passed by.

She said, "You look naked!" Then added, "without your dog."