November 17, 2008

Nothing Much Changes

This was Lola in the yard about a year & half ago:


This is her more recently as she now likes to spend her evenings in the yard:

2008-09 - Lola_001

She loves the yard...perhaps more than looking out the window from my bed. She'll spend the whole night out there if I let her. She'll run around the yard for a bit, then sit, then sniff around the edge of the house or the fence, then lie on the back porch, then run around some more, then...well, you get the idea. :)

Note: The orange tree is a little bigger & you can see the new composite fence.


Jessica said...

Aren't fences wonderful? :) The yard's looking good and Lola looks happy!

danielguss said...

Hi Gloria and Lola:

Long time! I came across some of Lola's original photos and thought I'd send you a note to see if she's still with us and enjoying the great life you gave her.

Love these photos!

Send me a note when you get a chance,